About 40 years ago, DMMMSU-NLUC (Bacnotan) had a modest but comely swimming pool nestled in the middle of green woods. This became a tourist attraction and the venue of many school gatherings. It lasted for sometime – until tons of typhoon-induced mountain soil buried and ravaged it, and soon became forgotten…

This year, the dream to resurrect another swimming pool will soon become a reality. In the offing is the construction of a P4-million Olympic-size swimming pool (6-lane) to be located adjacent the DMMMSU Central Park. It hopes to be operational in time for the Region 1 PASUC Olympics to be hosted by NLUC-Bacnotan on November 30 – December 4, 2015.

Nice, indeed, to see DMMMSU continuously springing pleasant surprises with the mushrooming of multifarious infra facilities!

by: Dr. Antonio Ogbinar