An empowered DMMMSU knowledge-based constituency through innovative, responsive and efficient library services.


The DMMMSU Library shall provide efficient information support to the instruction, research and extension functional of the university through innovative and responsive library servicing, including access to electronic and other media sources of knowledge.


The DMMMSU Library participates in the research, instruction and extension program of the university by selecting, collecting, organizing, preserving and conserving books and other materials of contemporary interest and value for the total development of students, faculty, staff and community, and to make these materials easily accessible for their use.


 To provide access to adequate, well selected and well organized library resources supporting the different curricular offerings of the campus;
 To serve the research, reading, and reference needs of the DMMMSU-NLUC Community;
 To provide lending services appropriate to different type of users;
 To simplify and organizer open shelf services with pertinent brief to users for independent library reference searching.
 To provide electronically derived information access via CD-ROM/Film library or INTERNET USE.
 To promote linkage network to other libraries and librarians that will promote expanded access to the collection and training of the library staff.

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